Our Team

    St. Louis Park

  • Leah Leah – Sales Associate

    I am a sales associate at St. Louis Park. You will rarely enter the store without meeting my Brussels Griffon mix Stella. Stella is a great model and treat sampler for Lulu & Luigi. She is also an avid Packers and Wild fan who often wears her doggie jerseys on game day. I enjoy helping guests find that special something for their pet and answering product questions. My true passion is in creating store displays that enhance the shopping experience.

  • Leah Dani – Sales Associate

    My name is Dani and I am a sales associate at the fantastic LuLu & Luigi! I love being able to come to work and be surrounded by adorable four legged friends and being able to bring my dogs to work is an absolute joy. I have two family dogs – one Golden Retriever and one English Cream Golden and I love love love them!

  • Leah Linette – Pet Stylist

    I have many interests but educating children is one I truly love – teaching them about nature and the environment and being good stewards to the earth. I take every opportunity to walk in nature, photograph it and spend time with my horse, Rose. I’ve been grooming for over 25 years and owned my own business for the majority of them. I’ve been part of the LuLu & Luigi grooming team for over 5 years and love the camaraderie we have here. One of my favorite aspects of working at LuLu & Luigi is being able to work with each pet individually and help with possible health issues holistically by recommending Young Living oil treatments. I share my home with a variety of animals including my dog Simon, a Chihuahua/Chinese Crested who spends his day while I’m away with 3 cats, a Guinea pig, a bearded dragon, hermit crabs, salamanders and a colony of Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which I present in a children’s nature program.

  • Leah Liz – Pet Stylist

    Hi my name is Liz and it’s been a childhood dream of mine to become a groomer. I am very happy to be living my dream. At home, I have a Chihuahua named Cheech and a Pomeranian named Polo. I love grooming older dogs and special needs dogs that need more time and need some extra TLC. I recommend using essential oils for nervous dogs. I enjoy doing creative hair cuts and coloring for dogs. Some of my favorite breeds to groom are Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Poodles of any size. I take great pride in my work and would love to groom your little ones.

  • Leah Shannon – Pet Stylist

    Hi my name is Shannon and I have been with LuLu & Luigi for 3 years now. I have been grooming for almost eight years. I absolutely love my job, working with dogs and making them look super cute is very rewarding! I’m a new mother to a beautiful girl named Cadence and to Lilly an eight year old Bichon/Lhasa mix.

  • Leah Jessi – Sales Associate

    My name is Jessica and I am a sales associate at the White Bear Lake LuLu & Luigi. I have worked here since February 2015 but I have worked with pets all my life – dogs, cats, hamsters, horses and even a snake! My favorite part about working at LuLu & Luigi is seeing all the awesome dogs that come in and sharing stories about our pets! I meet many new people every day and I love to see the smiles on their faces when they see what an amazing job our groomers do. Of course another great benefit of working at LuLu & Luigi is that I get to spoil my dog, Paisley, and my two cats, Mia and Zoey, with all the great treats and outfits we carry! My 2 year old Yorkie, Paisley, gets to come to work with me everyday. Its so fun to have her there! She gets so excited because she thinks everyone coming in to the store is there just to see her. Paisley and I hope to see you in the store soon!



  • Leah Katy – Store Manager

    I have been working at LuLu & Luigi since 2013 and I am the manager of the Wayzata location. I currently have a 7 year old Golden Retriever named Jovi. I like to joke that Jovi’s full-time job is napping. Most customers don’t even know she is behind the counter. I believe that I have the best job in the world because I get to bring my dog to work and play with dogs all day. By far, my favorite part of my job is our clients. Seeing the dogs and people I have gotten to know, and genuinely love, come through the door each day is the best part of my job! Before I worked in retail I spent my early mornings in the food industry hopped up on coffee trying to make people smile. I like to carry that attitude over into my customer service at Lulu & Luigi, albeit with much less coffee.

  • Leah Amy – Sales Associate

    I started atLuLu & Luigi in March of 2014. Before deciding to be a stay at home mom after the birth of my daughter in 2013, I worked as a professional “desk jockey” for a small family owned company in Plymouth. After sort of getting the hang of the whole mommy thing, I decided it was a good time to go back to work part-time. And what better place to work than a pet boutique! Of course the best part of this job is the animals! But my fantastic coworkers and clients make it not even feel like work! When I’m not working, I’m at home playing with my daughter or finding fun places for us to go. I also like to try to cuddle our very un-cuddly dogs Duke our 6 year old Papillon and Roscoe our 10 year old retired police canine.

  • Leah Cassandra – Pet Stylist

    I’ve been grooming for 13 years and have developed a specialty in working with senior dogs or those that do not enjoy the grooming process. I am a firm believer in putting the comfort, needs and safety of pets in my care first. I am also passionate about continuing education and attend numerous grooming seminars every year to learn new handling skills and techniques. I have two dogs and two cats. When I am not grooming I enjoy fishing, frisbee golf, dancing and ’80’s rock music.

  • Leah Jess – Pet Stylist

    I have had a passion for animals my entire life. Grooming dogs for the past 16 years has been a very rewarding career. Building close relationships with clients and their dogs is my favorite part. I am a mother of a 2 year old son named Dawson and 3 year old French Bulldog named Stella. I have been at LuLu & Luigi for the past 4 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. My clientele largely consists of Westies, Yorkies, Havanese, Maltese and Bichons. But I do have experience and enjoy grooming all breeds of dog. I am currently a member of the ISCC and pursuing Master Groomer certification.

  • Leah Olivia – Pet Stylist

    All my life I’ve known that I want to work with animals, and I found the perfect job four years ago- dog grooming. I believe every dog has a personality and I love being able to get to know them. Building a relationship with my clients and their dogs is very important to me. By getting to know a dog I can interact with them better and figure out how I can best groom them. I am resourceful and try many different ways to make the dog as comfortable and happy as I can. I have two dogs of my own: Boomer, a giant schnauzer and Otis, a Pooshon. Some of my hobbies are martial arts, going to the dog park, spending time with my family and just being able to sit down and watch movies.

  • Leah Shaunessy – Sales Associate

    I’m attending St. Paul college studying to certify as an American Sign Language interpreter. In my free time I like backpacking , playing rugby, reading and of course spending time with animals. I have a shihtzu named JuiJui and 2 guniea pigs. I have been working with animals for several years now and it has been so much fun. I love helping owners find product to keep their pets comfortable and happy!

  • Leah Christine – Pet Stylist

    I have always loved animals. From the age of 3 until I was 5, my Dad was the caretaker of the Oliver H. Kelley Farm. Because he was the caretaker, we lived on site. When my Dad was working, I would walk down to the farm and spend time down there singing songs to all the farm animals. I still do that now with the dogs I groom! Having a job where I get to spend my day with dogs is fantastic! I’ve been grooming for 10 years. My clientele is filled with many different breeds of dogs, which I love because I enjoy grooming all breeds. One of the things I really enjoy about grooming is being able to watch dogs grow up and adapt to the grooming process. It is so rewarding to see a puppy be 100% comfortable with grooming. I love forming personal relationships with not only the dogs that I groom, but their owners as well. I have an 8 month old cat at home named Weasley who we adopted on Christmas Eve. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, being outside and listening to music


    White Bear Lake

  • Leah Jenna – Store Manager

    I am the store manager at the LuLu & Luigi White Bear Lake store. I have 3 adorable little Yorkies – Saffron, Wolfgang, and Razzle and a very handsome little Chinese Crested named Foo who will change anyone’s perspective of Cresties being an ugly breed! Though I have only worked at the store for about a year my dogs have been groomed at LuLu & Luigi since the location opened.

    I love my job and my fellow store staff. It’s wonderful to be able to work in an environment that allows me to connect with other pet parents to share stories and tips. I feel I have become extremely knowledgeable about the products we carry and feel confident that I can recommend products that will benefit our furry families.

    The best part of my job is not only connecting with clients and their pets (lots of puppy kisses!), but also being able to bring my own dogs to the store to socialize and help to model or demonstrate our products. They are great little associates too!

  • Leah Courtney – Pet Stylist

    Hi I’m Courtney and I have a passion for working with dogs. I’ve been grooming for over 5 years. My husband and I are huge movie buffs, some of my favorites are Jurassic Park and of course Star Wars. I have three pets – a fluffy Pomeranian named Zion, a feisty Shih-poo named Wicket and an extremely friendly Persian named Oliver. I enjoy doing yoga, kayaking and taking my dogs to the dog park/beach. I look forward to working with all the fabulous pets that come into LuLu & Luigi.

  • Leah Anna – Sales Associate

    Hi my name is Anna and I moved to White Bear Lake in 2012. Although I am not a native to the area, I really enjoy working in downtown White Bear with all it has to offer. I have an incredibly inquisitive cat named Chloe, and although I unfortunately do not currently have any dogs, I look forward to the day I can finally bring one into my life. I would love to be able to include a West Highland Terrier or a Yorkshire Terrier into my family in the future (although I have a love for all dogs). I am happy to be a part of Lulu & Luigi since September 2015 and look forward to meeting many more friendly faces!

  • Sue – Sales Associate
     My name is Sue and I have been employed with Lulu and Luigi in White Bear Lake since January 2016.  I retired from government service after 32 years and jumped at the chance to work at Lulu and Luigi’s part-time.  I love meeting all the dogs and the customers, who love their pets.  My husband and I share our home with two cats and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers, who spend two months of the year retrieving ducks and the rest of the time retrieving anything else and sleeping on the furniture.  My hobbies include horseback riding, quilting and spending time on Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota.
  • Jennifer – Pet Stylist
    I enjoy styling dogs and helping them look their best. I have a Shih Tzu named Lola whom I adore and spoil every chance I get. I believe our pets are members of our family. I look forward to meeting you and your fur baby!