Grooming Pawlour

Pawlour Packages are priced after consultation. The price range can vary depending on the breed, size, coat condition, temperament and special needs of your dog.

The LuLu & Luigi Grooming Pawlour uses organic, all-natural products whenever possible to provide the very best treatment for your pet.

Pawlour Packages

Luxury Bath & Brush Package
Begins with a hydro-massage bath complete with a customized blend of shampoos and conditioners that best suit your pet’s skin and coat. The coat is blown dry, brushed and styled. Nails are trimmed and ears cleaned. The service also includes a light trim of the face, feet, and tail.

Luxury Bath, Brush & Style Package
Includes all the luxuries of the Bath Brush Package plus a full body haircut.

Puppy’s First Salon Visit
We recommend grooming as early as possible so that your puppy feels comfortable with the process. Your puppy will enjoy a hydro-massage bath, brush, face and sanitary trim, ear cleaning and nail clipping. No hair is scissored at this time to keep the visit short and the puppy happy.

Hand Stripping
This is done to maintain coarse coats on terriers and natural coats on some sporting breeds. A consultation is required for pricing.

Extra Special Services

Each service listed below is available and priced in addition to your pet’s Pawlour Package.

After a consultation with one of our Stylists, we will determine if your pet can be safely dematted or should be seen by a Veterinarian.

Express Groom
Available for pets on the go or those with special needs. Must be the first appointment of the day.

Hair Coloring Treatment
Add a little color to your light-coated pet. We have a variety of shades. Try a temporary tattoo or color your pet’s ears and tail.

Essential Oil Treatments
Featuring Young Living Oils.

Lavender Bath
Recommended for anxious pets or those that simply want to indulge. A few drops of this potent oil promotes a calming, refreshing, skin soothing and balancing bath.

Panaway Massage
Stimulates circulation and soothes your pet’s sore joints with a massage which uses a therapeutic oil blend featuring wintergreen that is known for providing warmth to weary muscles.

A La Carte Services

Each service listed below may be purchased as an add-on to a Pawlour Package or as an individual service.

Blueberry Facial
Antioxidant mask helps brighten face and lessen tear stains naturally.

Pet-a-Cure Nail Trim and Filing
If needed a soothing Paw Balm is applied to help heal cracked and dry paws.

Pet-a-Cure Polish
Choose from a collection of nail finishes to add a signature color and look to your pet’s paws. (Short-haired breeds only)

Ear Cleaning
Gently clean each ear to soothe irritated tissue and remove excess build-up and hair.

Teeth Brushing
Natural toothpaste and breath spray is used to freshen your pet’s mouth. Reduce the risk of gum disease with regular tooth brushing.

Plaque Reducing Treatment
This treatment uses the latest technology along with natural ingredients for long term preventative maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. This scientifically proven zinc complex, stops odor formation, helps eliminate tartar growth and may aid in healing soft tissue to improve your dog’s oral health.

Scent Gland Expression
Your pet’s scent gland ducts can become clogged and uncomfortable. An external expression is all your pet may need.

Tear Stain Removal
We’ll help remove the discoloration around your fair-colored pet’s eyes and send you home with our Eye-Envy starter kit. Tear-stains cannot be removed in one treatment.