Pampering Pups With High-End Grooming Services

High-End Grooming Services for Pampered Pups

Our fur babies are important members of our families and they deserve some pampering with high-end grooming services. No one understands better than us how important our pups are, and the best way to show them you care is by treating them to luxury grooming and spa services created just for them. Whether you have an anxious and overly excited pet or a senior dog experiencing age-related ailments, we have services designed specifically for every pet.

Our high-end grooming services include:

Hair Coloring Treatment

high end grooming services

Get ready for your pup to strut their stuff after a fun hair coloring treatment. We have a variety of shades available that work best on light colored coats that will gradually lighten and fade over time. Go pink, go blue, and get ready for your colorful pup to stand out.

Blueberry Facial

high end grooming services


This blueberry antioxidant mask will have your fur baby feeling relaxed and looking their best. This facial is designed to help lessen tear stains and brighten their faces, as well as provide an overall relaxing spa experience.

Essential Oil Treatment

high end grooming services

The essential oil treatment features Young Living oils which help people and canines alike for beauty, balance, and overall wellness. Essential oil treatments can help reduce stress in our beloved furry friends, as well as help with overall emotional well-being. An essential oil treatment might be exactly what your overly anxious pup needs.

Want more high-end grooming services? These are just three of the luxury spa and grooming services we offer. You can view our full list of grooming services here. The benefits in treating your dogs to spa and grooming services are endless, so do something special for your special furry friend and book them a high-end grooming appointment today.



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