4th of July Dog Safety – Leave Dog Home

Dog Safety During the 4th of July

4th of july dog safety

We want to wish you all a  happy, safe, and fun 4th of July weekend! We hope that you have a great time playing at the lake, relaxing at the cabin or just enjoying the local festivities. However, during this holiday weekend, it is extremely important to consider your dog’s safety.

4th of July dog safety

No matter how you decide to celebrate Americas birthday we ask that you also consider your pet. We all love to include our beloved pups in as many activities as possible, but please keep in mind that in some situations your pet may be better left at home. The absolute best time to leave your dog home is during fireworks. To us, the 4th of July is the annual celebration of America’s freedom, but to Dog the 4th is the dreaded annual apocalypse. In general, dogs HATE fireworks! As we all know Dog’s hearing is much better than if fireworks are loud to you…think about Dog’s ears…Fireworks to a dog are not a beautiful light show of patriotic pride, but instead a deafening blast of bright lights that resembles the end of the world. Scary!

4th of July dog safety

Sadly, every 4th of July many dogs become lost from home due to fireworks. Dogs do not understand that they are not in danger from fireworks. When a dog feels threatened or scared their first instinct is to run away to safety. Many dogs are not able to find home again as most of us view the show away from our own yards.

4th of July dog safety

So crank up the air, turn on the radio and leave your pup a special treat so that he too can enjoy the holiday in the safety of his own home sweet home. You on the other hand…get out there display your red, whites and blues and show the world your love of this great country!

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