Springtime Pet Dangers

Springtime is upon us and in addition to everything coming back to life and the temperatures warming up, there are tons of lurking spring time dangers that may affect our pets. When it comes to the safety of your pets, be in the know.

Here are some springtime dangers for your pets that you should be aware of:

1. Dog Parks

As the weather warms up, more and more of us are taking our pups to the dog park. Local dog parks can be a great place to let your pup off leash to run and meet new friends. However, you also should be cautious. Meaning, you should take the size of your dog in consideration. If you have a small dog (under 10lbs) take them to a small dog only dog park and vice versa if you have a large dog opt for a large dog only dog park.

2. Toxic Plants & Flowers

April showers bring May flowers and not all of these blooming buds are pet safe. Keep a watchful eye on your pet while they are outdoors. Make sure they are not consuming any plants and flowers as some of these could be toxic to Fido.

3. Chemically Treated Grass & Lawns

Never use toxic chemicals on your grass or lawn if you have a pet. Also, be mindful where you walk your pooch to avoid exposure to any chemical treated grasses.

4. Ticks

Not only is the foliage waking up, but so are the ticks! Talk to your veterinarian about protecting your pets from these nasty little critters.

5. Fleas

Warm weather generally means more socializing time for our pets. That being said that increases our pups chances for being exposed to fleas. Talk to your veterinarian about flea prevention and always watch for any signs that your pet may have fleas, such as scratching and biting at their fur.

6. Allergies

Yes, just like us our pets can have allergies. Watch for allergy symptoms such as itching and sneezing. Again, if you think your pet may have allergies always talk to your veterinarian about treatment/prevention.