Summer Dog Safety Tips

Summer Dog Safety

Summer dog safety

Warm weather has finally arrived and it is time to start thinking about summer dog safety. However, with this beautiful weather comes some potential dangers to your pet. With just a few basic summer pet safety reminders you can help keep your furry friend out of harm’s way!

summer dog safety

During those looooong winter Minnesota months, allowing Fido to tag along while running errands was a great way to get him out of the house and enjoy a car ride. With the digits on the thermostat rarely peeking over 30, your dog could safely remain in the car while you made a few quick stops. But, come summertime this well-intended practice could have devastating and even lethal results. Sadly far too many dogs lose their lives each year to hot cars. Avoiding this terrible tragedy is easy, if the weatherman calls for 60 degrees or higher, leave your pooch at home in the AC while you those errands! Yes, you may get the big brown eyes, saddest puppy in the world stare…but at least you know he will be there waiting for you when you get home, safe and sound!

Summer Dog Safety

While hot cars may be the ultimate summer hazard, there are many other hidden seasonal dangers that you should be aware of. A few more summer dog safety tips and precautions to keep your fur babies healthy this summer, include:

  • Hot tar and concrete can cause burns and blisters to dog’s paws. Protect those delicate paws with puppy booties or paw balm. We offer a variety of options for your pooch or opt out of long walks during hot days.
  • While out on the boat enjoying the Land of 10,000 Lakes don’t forget to bring a life jacket for your dog.
  • On the truly hot days, outdoor exercise should be reserved for the mornings and late afternoons. The intense heat of the midday sun can exhaust your dog.
  • You wouldn’t send your children out on a hot day without sunscreen, make sure to spray your furry kid down too. Like us, dogs are also prone to sunburn.
  • Make sure to always provide your pets with a fresh and plentiful supply of water.
  • Take breaks while out on long walks, at least once every half hour. Find a nice shady resting place for your dog to rest and get a drink.
  • Remember to keep the air conditioning on, blinds drawn or a window open while you are at work. Apartments can become very stifling on hot days. Ensure that your pets are comfortable while they wait for you to return.
  • Fleas and ticks are also at their worst this time of year. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you pick the right flea and tick preventive medication for your pet.

Be mindful of summer dog safety and keep your pups safe, happy, and healthy!

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