Summer Heat Dog Safety

Protecting Your Pup from the Summer Heat

Summer Heat Dog Safety

Summer heat dog safety is a very real concern especially in August…it’s that time of year when we start longing for the crisp air of a fall day. Between the scorching sun and the tropical like humidity, August in Minnesota can get pretty brutal. For a dog the heat is even more oppressive, after all they have a fur coat. Perhaps that is why they call it the dog days of summer?

Dogs, unlike us do not sweat. Instead they pant to cool themselves off. Because of this (and that fur coat) your dog is more susceptible to to overheating, heat exhaustion and even heat stokes. While that may sound scary, it is completely preventable.

Summer Heat Dog Safety

Here are few tips for keeping your pup safe during these hot summer days:

1. Never ever leave your dog in the car, even if just for a short time. You car can reach scorching temperatures throughout the day, when it doubt leave Fido home in the AC.

2. Always carry fresh water and a bowl for your pup – keep them hydrated!

3. Ice ice baby…That’s right keep them cool with ice, fill a bowl with ice cubs and let your pup have at it.

4. Taking your walks in shaded areas like in the woods when the temperature is especially high or skip the walk all together. Pavement can reach extremely hot temperatures and can burn the pads of their feet, ouch! Tip: Try going barefoot on the pavement, is it too hot for you? If so, it’s too hot for your fur baby.

5. Keep your pooches fur short and well-groomed, this is especially important in the summer months. Oh, and did we mention…our grooming department specializes in summer cuts!

These are just a few tips, but ultimately if it’s too hot for you, its definitely too hot for them! But no need to fret, keeping cool doesn’t mean sitting indoors all summer. Instead of a walk around the block maybe a trip to a dog friendly beach? Or a late evening stroll? Or…a shopping trip to see us to enjoy our air conditioning and shop for some cute puppy accessories!

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